Soccer Competition

Milton C. W. Pearson, CSM, 106 Field Workshop, 1968-1969

106 actually entered a soccer team that comprised teams from the Dat and Vungers. All matches were played at the Academy in Vung Tau. At the end of the preliminary rounds we were fourth on the ladder and thus made the finals.

In the 1st final we beat an Engineer Team from Nui Dat. In the 2nd final we played the Academy side who we had not beaten before, won, and progressed to the Grand Final.

The Grand Final was against 1 AOD led by their team Captain who had represented Australia. They wore correct attire in colours of Red and White, matching socks, football boots and proper shorts.

106 had no uniform, many in the side had GP boots, I wore a green top and our goal keeper a red top and that was it.

The half time score saw 106 down by a solitary goal.

We actually lost 5 to Nil with an avalanche of goals coming in the last 10mins.

We also fielded a couple of ring-ins a Craftie from 5 Bn and the MCO from Luscombe. I recall Dennis Edwards, Bill Rollason and Gerry Lewis all from 2Pl in our side.