Close Encounters

Gerry LLoyd, 1968-1969

First Encounter

Early in 1969 the Unit got its own Cinema facilities; no longer having to go to the Armd Sqn or somewhere else in the Task Force.

When the screen was ready for the first showing (I think it was for a cartoon) those closest heard a Zip Zip Zip. The light was turned on and three holes were found in the screen

Now "Somebody in Authority" had said, "Put the Screen near the Boozer with the picture side facing inwards towards the administration building". Therefore anyone outside the wire in No Man's land would not see the Pictures, hence the bullets

The screen was turned around and no more holes

Second Encounter

The volleyball court was located between the two Strong Points, 88Alpha and 88Bravo in full view of No Man's land.

One day as we were attempting to play, we heard, Zip, Zip as rounds hit the net

I don't remember ever playing volleyball after that

Third Encounter

One Sunday as our convoy was passing in through the Gate at the "Dat" returning from a swim trip to Vung Tau

An MP (Provost) asked me to move from where I was sitting right on the end of the truck. He showed me a new bullet hole about 5cm below where my rear end had been situated

I did not hear a round hit with all the noise on the vehicle

Fourth Encounter

Another time, going to Vung Tau in convoy and passing through the District town of Baria, I remember some Digger in a truck in front of ours, urinating over the side.

Next minute, a "White Mouse" policewoman drew her large revolver and aimed it at our truck. Everybody ducked of course

She fired over our heads anyway, and then smiled.

I think she got her point across.