Col Thorpe reports from Brisbane

  • Col (Chiefie) Thorpe,
  • John (Abdul) Bailey,
  • Roly (Lance Corporal) Lanham, and,
  • Marg (Sgt Major) Thorpe

arrived at the Greenbank RSL just in time for the 10am 400metre march to the RSL.

Some 200 or more Vets were lined up behind a large pipe band. Military vehicles, an APC including 2 mounted policemen took part.

As we mingled with the marchers, Trevor Henderson (Hendo) broke out of the ranks to say hello and to join us.

The Service outside the RSL, although lengthy, was excellent with the reading of a great poem about a Long Tan battle soldier.

We had the full works at that Service.

The Greenbank RSL is enormous, magnificant and somewhat of an electricians nightmare with stunning interior lighting.

John Bailey Phil Bond Roly Lanham Trevor Henderson Frank Maloney Wally Buldo Col Thorpe
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Col Thorpe, Frank Maloney, Roly Lanham, John Bailey
[Front - L>R]
Wally Buldo, Trevor Henderson, Phil Bond

John Bailey bought the 1st super XXXX, from then on it flowed and flowed; flowing free especially in the entertainment lounge.

Our table grew to 7 with the arrival of Phillip (Buddha) Bond and Frank (Speed) Maloney.

Frank Maloney and Roly Lanham
Frank Maloney and Roly Lanham

A phone call was made to Wayne (Skin) Bingham who was caravanning at Gympie.

We could not find the phone number for Milton (CSM) Pearson otherwise we would have got in touch with him also.

A merry time was had by all in what turned into a noisy lounge with the performance of a 40 piece choir and the established 5 piece rowdy band called "RADIO SAIGON".

A great day was had by all and yet another 106 reunion.

Thanks Guys and we look forward to the next one.