40th Anniversary Reunion — 2008

"An thers a han, my trusty fiere! An gies a han o' thyn!"
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Tweed Heads NSW – Friday 3rd October to Saturday 4th October 2008
Tweed Heads RSL Club
This reunion celebrated the 40th Anniversary of the raising of 106 Fd Wksp RAEME at Nui Dat, South Vietnam on the 14th October 1968.

It was a chance once again for as many as possible of the 106ers to get together to see many of their past mates, some of whom may have been isolated / buried in the woodwork for the last 40 years.

All the men of 106 - Cooks, Stores, Medics, GD's and all the Tradies - were encouraged to attend this one. We also invited guests along - those who had a strong service affiliation with the unit while it was in South Vietnam and the relations of some of the deceased 106ers who had expressed a great interest in the Association.

If any of our readers know of any past 106ers or friends of the organization who have been "lost" to us, let us know where they are so we can contact them or pass on the word to them to contact us.

Our decision to keep the reunion totally informal with no organized extra curricular activities between the functions on the Friday and Saturday nights, and the fact we resisted the urge to get in a renowned speaker or dignitary to make the event memorable, proved to be a winning recipe for a great weekend.

The camaraderie on show during both evenings was fabulous as all those who attended were relaxed and at ease. Good company, good will, many lies and tall stories, good food, good speeches, good facilities, great service from the RSL staff and effective audio visuals were all in the mix.

As reunions go, and I have attended quite a few for different organizations over the years, this one was a real corker. This I think was also the feeling of others as it was those attending, and not the committee, who unanimously voted for a reunion in Adelaide. Frank Owen and Fudd Varga, both elected to the Committee for 2008/2009, put up their hands to organize the next one. As John Sinclair said, Roll on Adelaide.

I want to thank all those who attended -106ers, their partners and kin - for giving the committee members a real buzz for their acceptance of the simplicity and effectiveness of the format.

I want to acknowledge the tremendous effort that Phil Bond and his wife Phyllis put into the organization of the event. At the AGM we had on the Friday night we unanimously acknowledged the work undertaken by Phil Bond for this event and for his tireless work over the years by endorsing him as the first life member of the Association. We also formally acknowledged Phyllis assistance to Phil in keeping the affairs of the Association up to date. Congratulations again Buddah and Phyllis.

There were many photos taken on both nights and elsewhere. If digital images can be forwarded on disk to Phil Bond, Dennis Norman, Fudd Varga or myself we will compile a good selection for publishing on the website. We would be happy to have you caption these photos where appropriate.


John Strachan


106 Fd Wksp RAEME Assoc Inc