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A newspaper clipping.

How's this for quick service:

mine damage to bogy and track

* A VIET CONG mine did this damage to the "undercarriage" of a Centurion tank. Six skilled Australians went to work to get it back on the "jungle road."
* When a giant Centurion tank struck a Viet Cong mine during clearing operations near Nui Dat, in South Vietnam recently, a team of six unsung heroes went into action. As members of an Australian workshop team, they had been travelling not far behind the tank in their specially adapted armoured mobile repair unit. Their job: Get the crippled tank back into the war as quickly as possible. The tank's track assembly was a mess, a write-off. The team replaced the complete front suspension unit, front idler wheels and track. EIGHT HOURS later the tank rumbled back into duty...and the boys took a temporary breather before following the action again
the forward repair team on return to base
* EIGHT hours later the Centurion was as good as new. Take a bow boys.
The Team [from left]:
'Beamer' Truscott, Peter Lucas, Trevor Henderson, Ken Baker, John 'Death' O'Grady, Maurie 'Pigpen' Gillick
Photo: Charlie Calcraft