Bonegilla & Coopers Plains | 106 Field Workshop

No historical information is available regarding 106's time at Bonegilla.

Above: Unit Photo of 106 Fd Wksp in 1990 at Coopers Plains.

106FdWksp1990 Names

The image above and the information below was supplied by Iain Lewington who was at Coopers Plains, and says, "I was posted to 106 Field Workshop as a RAEME Clerk Admin from 1989 to 1993. I have put some memories down on paper from this time and attached [some photos and an article]. The article is from the RAEME Craftsman Vol No 10, December 1983 on the re-forming of 106 Field Workshop in 1981. I hope the information is useful." Thank you Iain for filling in some of the missing history.

Click this for Iain's 106 Field Workshop Recollections.

The Unit's 21st Birthday Celebration; Brisbane, October 1989.

[Hosted by Div EME and 106 Fd Wksp RAEME, Coopers Plains]

As a note in history, some of the 106ers of Vietnam went to Coopers Plains to mark this occasion - see the Report here.